Thursday, December 8, 2016

Election 2016

This is a copy-paste from my Facebook page:

You know, the only thing worse than this election is some people's take-away from it. Reading posts today gave me real insight into aspects of our dismal American co-cultures, and the depth of ignorance and lack of compassion that exists in so many people today. It seems many simple minded people on facebook are looking at this as some sporting event they watched from their couches while they drank beer and stuffed their face with chips. A sport where your team either won or lost, and now that the final goal is made, and the game is over, why don't we all get over it? It's just a game right? They say, "Don't be a sore looser." Politics isn't a sporting event people.

To be honest, I didn't want either one of these clowns to be elected, and either way I knew the outcome would have been negative for our country in different ways. However, now that the Repubs have dominated all forms of government the next two years will hopefully not confirm my fears that: The Supreme Court will be politically polarized diminishing debate of the most important issues, Muslims persecuted and immigrant families rounded up, Social Security sold off to Wall Street lobbyists in prid pro quo deals, our bloated military expanded, ACA dismantled causing people with preexisting conditions to be denied healthcare and poor people to head back to the ER for basic treatment, and the transfer of wealth to the upper 1% increased due to more tax breaks and loopholes.

I suppose the metaphorical game is still on, but yeah, if they do those things over the next two years I am going to be a sore looser because I will have "lost" my retirement to Wall Street misers, lost my ability to go to the ER and get help when I need it, lost more of my taxes to the military industrial complex and endless war that kills mainly innocent civilians and their children, lost more of my middle class friends to poverty, and lost a functioning judicial branch in my country. Oh, and can you let me know who "wins" in this scenario again? It's not any of you is it?

Monday, October 12, 2015

Columbus Day

I wrote this back in 2014, and posted it to Facebook.  Now another year has come, and once again I am seeing anti and pro Columbus posts in social media.  Instead of posting the essay again on Facebook I though this blog may be a more appropriate place.


To those of you who are posting pro-Columbus posts today in response to the anti-Columbus posts, isn't it more important to simply learn from history, and distinguish the right from wrong so that we may support correct ethical actions our current government takes, and fight against unethical actions our government has taken in the past, or plans on taking in the future? I hope we all are able to agree in this modern day and age that it was morally wrong to invade and commit genocide against an indigenous culture of millions of people in North America so that resources could be stolen from them. The slave trade that is commonly associated with Columbus landing in America also affected millions of people in African nations, and was a catastrophe for all of them as well. Since we can't turn back time and stop it all from happening, we should at least consider these horrible eras in American history as a lesson to learn from, instead of just a 'natural thing that happened to occur when the United States of America was being founded.'

If we don't learn from our mistakes and our government's mistakes, we are doomed to repeat those mistakes again in the future. For example, remember how Bush and the oil companies that supported him financially and politically took over Iraq's oil fields after the US invaded? Even the most hardcore neo-cons I know have felt force to admit that fact now that we are defending them from Islamic invaders. Coincidentally, I have noticed that the same people that defended Bush back then during the invasion in Iraq are attacking people on Facebook today for being against Columbus day.
I didn't buy the cover story of missing tubes and weapons of mass destruction, did you? Even if you did, looking back now shouldn't it be easy for most of us to see through the propaganda, and come to realize we were all lied to back then so that a few would gain more power, and more money? It is obvious that most wars, and slaughters, are fought over money and power. I hope you all realize this is still the case, and why the US military is dropping bombs today. Exterminating millions of American Indians in various ways (i.e. pox blankets, March of Tears, Blue Ridge Massacre, etc.) was horrible for me to learn about in college, and I hope you all agree that it is not something we can ever possibly justify intellectually, and should instead calmly talk about, and actively fight against politically now-a-days.

I have also read a post on FB excusing the genocide the US committed because other nations have committed the same, or worse, atrocities to people they conquered. Just because other nations have committed the same atrocities doesn't make the actions committed by the US government any more justifiable. This isn't even debatable and is akin to saying "I saw a guy kill another guy once, so I am now allowed to kill people too because he did." Not even sure how someone can think in this non-logical manner to be honest.

The story of Columbus they taught everyone I know in High School was false, and obviously whitewashed for a reason. What was the reason they taught it that way in High School? I imagine so that less educated young adults would feel proud of their American heritage, and this holiday, and not question the state's actions in the past, present, or future. I believe that is also the driving motivation of so many people today to call BS on this holiday. They have realized that they were lied to back then, and throughout their lives, by mentors, friends and family who believed in the lies for emotional reasons, and because they were force fed lies as well by other authority figures. These people who believe Columbus day is not a day to celebrate want to proclaim their independent mind to the rest of the propagandized world that still pretends to know better than them, and looks down on them for being "different" than the people in propagandized social circles.
Isn't it time for even the most hardcore supporters of the US empire to take a step back and agree with this common conclusion about Columbus and the era he lived in? When the northern colonies had enough of the human exploitation they fought a Civil War over these subjects, and over half a million more people died on top of the millions brutalized or killed in Africa and North America before then. Don't let all their deaths loose meaning. Instead, learn from it all and make a better world as a result of this understanding

Monday, May 12, 2014

My Future As A Voter In 'merica

Pawel Kuczynski
If voting made any difference they wouldn't let us do it.
-Mark Twain

For the past couple years I have been in a self imposed mental wrestling match focused on the question: To vote, or not to vote.  Until recently, I have always been an advocate of voting in the United States, and elsewhere, and felt that it was a responsibility of a citizen in a democracy to, at the very least, vote.  I also used to look at voting as a form of protest since I have always lived in a intensely pro-republican neck of the woods, and I have always been at odds with the Republican Party policies in general, which put me at odds with many party line voters around me including friends and family.  Most the local issues and local political races I voted for never made it very far politically, but it was a form of protest, right?  Protest voting makes you feel better for a short period of time, but eventually reality settles back in and the oligarchies that rule the political process, and many governments world-wide, become the central problem one focuses on, instead of local or national politics.

At this moment in time, I have come to the conclusion that I do not want to vote in elections.  Due to how US elections are conducted now-a-days the viable candidates that eventually make it to the ballot are suspect of being in someone's pocket due to deals they made to get campaign money prior to being elected.  I have come to believe that the US political process is illegitimate at this point in time, and to vote would make me feel like I am legitimizing a corrupt system.  There are too many broken promises, empty speeches, spin, gerrymandering, and corruption in politics for us to take it seriously anymore.  The press enables corruption by acting sheepish toward candidates and political subjects, and merely repeat what they are told without challenging who is telling them what they report.

The political capital that candidates believe they earn by being elected is really bought and paid for by those who can afford to manipulate our media and political system for their own benefit.  In addition, this political capital that they use to support their arguments publicly is based on an electorate that barely comes out to vote.  Voter turn out is so low now that the political capital argument actually works against them since less than a third of eligible voters actually voted for them.  The rest stayed home, voted for the other candidates, or never registered.  Candidates can afford to ignore popular opinion to an unacceptable degree now.  However, many of these problems have always been a problem in politics to some degree, a politician telling lies to get elected goes back to the days of Plato.  However, this last presidential election really impacted me psychologically, and others I know, and the disingenuous speeches, empty promises and mandates, are too much for me to accept anymore.  As an anti-war voter who voted for Obama twice, I was shocked when I watched him take a 180 degree turn after he won his second campaign, and I personally felt very betrayed, and angry, at the deceit used to gain political power, and my naivety in choosing to support the party and the man politically.

After Buckley v. Valeo in the mid 70's removed limits on expenditures and set the precedent that getting elected is more about money now than politics, spending on elections skyrocketed.  If this situation wasn't bad enough, Citizen's United, and the recent McCutcheon case, has open the floodgates of money from the rich and powerful to the politicians pockets.  Now, the U.S. oligarchy is in full swing.  As a result of these Supreme Court decisions made by neoconservative shills, and the intervention in our politics by rich families like the Koch brothers, fund raising is a politician's primary job as opposed to governing.  The toxic prid-pro-quo atmosphere that currently exists is the result of influential lobbyists developing connections between organizations they represent, and our congressional representatives.

I have also noticed that the ballot propositions that come out every couple years are increasingly riddled with deliberately vague language, or alternatively archaic legaleze many struggle to understand.  The debate for a proposition printed in the official voter information guide I receive in the mail in California prior to elections usually contradicts the opposing side's facts, and vice-versa, and uses disingenuous points to persuade voters.  Researching online is dubious because the only sites covering the info are the ones proposing or combating the proposition.  Some sites are created anonymously, and do not cite references for quotes or other data they provide.  This problem can be solved by news organizations if they weren't owned by the same companies lobbying against, or for, the propositions in question.  If gridlock wasn't such a problem then propositions wouldn't be needed to complete needed legislation.  My point is, there are too many corrupt institutions at every level for our democracy to function adequately.

Year after year it is reported that electronic voting machines can be easily hacked, and seem less secure than traditional punch cards used to be.  The American nationalistic media bias is also warping voters minds to an extreme degree, especially when it comes to international diplomatic affairs, international aid, monetary policy, and our militaristic adventures abroad with servicemen and highly paid mercenary contractors.  All these factors result in Americans supporting the same parties year after year.  Much of this becomes obvious if you read international news on a regular basis, and get out of the polarized propaganda bubble you have been placed in.  Those who choose to stay in the flock do so because there is some cheap comfort in ignorance.

The political system is corrupt, so why participate in it intellectually anymore.  When all we can talk about is propaganda and flat out lies, then all we can conclude is we are lying to ourselves.  So much for the Shakespeare maxim, "This above all, to thine own self be true."

I once joined the Green Party to be just another head in the crowd that didn't want to vote for Democrats, or Republicans, but felt the party wasn't going anywhere, and as a result I wasn't either.  Especially when the press and important televised debate forums censor dissident voices by excluding front runners from parties that aren't Democrat or Republican.  I don't see a difference between not voting, and voting for a third party that gets routinely censored.

This does not mean I am walking away from politics, voting isn't all we can do politically.  There are still some ways to remain politically involved, and make a small difference in local, regional, national, and international politics.  Letter writing campaigns, tweeting, facebooking, blogging, talking to people, protests, phone calling, etc. are all valid means of participation, and I have seen results materialize from those types of actions quite often as opposed to voting.

Testimony from one computer programmer that it is very possible to rig elections, and he was hired to do it.

A documentary named Hacking Democracy was shown on HBO that explained how voting machines have been rigged.

In 2016 during the Arizona democratic primary, polling locations saw suspicious activity as well:

Hearing on how vote rigging happened in Chicago during the 2016 Primary:

Example of how easy it is to hack a voting machine:

Evidence the election is called before it begins:

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Emergency Room Time

It's a disgrace to see the human race in a rat race. -Bob Marley
Today my father cut his hand using a skill saw, and called me to come over and pick him up, and take him to the emergency room to get stitches.  He also said that normally he would just drive there himself, but he felt uneasy and wasn't sure if it was safe.  I got the sense that he felt like I had more important things to do than help him get to a doctor.  As soon as I realized what was happening I told him I was on the way, and I leaped off the couch and took off immediately.  When we arrived at the hospital there was hardly a soul in the waiting room.  The staff said it was a slow day.  There was the usual over amplified PA calling individuals names, and the TV screens with sport shows playing.  What I thought was unusual was while I waited for my father to get stitched up, people who wandered into the ER sometimes had friends and family, and some did not.

All of the Hispanic people came with an entourage.   Mom, Dad, children, and sometimes others.  They comforted each other, and were very vocal with each other.  The Asian and African American people came alone, or with one other person, and sat quietly usually away from others in the ER waiting room.  A white homeless looking person walked out of the exam area, and was escorted outside by a nurse.  The nurse asked if she knew where she was, but it seemed obvious to me at least that she was mentally ill and confused.  White people usually arrived by them selves, or with one other person.  The white married couples barely spoke to each other, and when they did it was usually about some trivial meaningless topic such as what chores they had to do later that day.
The differences and similarities I witnessed revealed a cross section of attitudes of the society I live in, and how they contrast with nearby cultures in the world.  The predominately religious and communal cultures of central America have migrated north into North America as a result of economic upheavals and the theft of farm lands via NAFTA and similar trade agreements.  The drug cartels that have taken advantage of the economic situation that resulted have also compelled many to flee the area.  One bright side of this exodus is disconnected fractured cultures in North America will notice more how much they have lost in our obsession with selfishness and greed.
Living in Mexico, or other central American countries, prior to economic conquest by large corporations was  more agrarian, and self sufficient than it is now.  The larger your family the more you had to help with planting food, hauling clean water, and to take care of you when you became sick, or too old to work. 

North American societies have lost most of the middle class wealth that existed in the 1950s, and are now focused on just getting by week to week, or dominating those who are most desperate such as immigrant Hispanics.  Compassion for one another is considered costly to North Americans when devoting themselves to opportunistic lifestyles.  Non-hispanics have a lot to learn from hispanic people, if we are to redevelop our empathy, and improve our society in North America and beyond.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013


To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.

I was going to wait until the Fukushima disaster was over to pour over the information, disinformation, and whistle blowing that always needs to be reconciled, but it seems this disaster is going to be with us for many years to come.  According to many recent news reports this month, the Japanese government will get directly involved in decreasing the amount of fall out from the melt down of the Fukushima reactors that have gone critical, and stayed critical, since March 11th, 2011.  

Back in 2011, TEPCO announced that it had ran out of land based containers to store radioactive water that was a byproduct of the Fukushima meltdown, and would now have to dump the water directly into the ocean surrounding Japan.  The Japanese government has just revealed that around 300 tons of contaminated water has leaked from the reactors per day since the melt down occurred.  Lets do some simple math here.  It's been 887 days since the reactors melted down, and if we multiply 887 by 300 tons per day, that equals 266,100 tons of radioactive water total.  A gallon of water equals 8.33 pounds.  A ton equals 2000 pounds.  266,100 tons of radioactive water x 2000 pounds per ton, divided by 8.33 equals 63,889,556 gallons of radioactive water dumped directly into the ocean.  This is staggering to comprehend.  -UPDATE 1/15: The Japanese government has officially agreed with TEPCO now about their decision to dump waste water into the Pacific Ocean.

The Japanese government has publicly stated that it will require at least forty years to clean up the reactor site, and the costs will exceed 11 billion dollars.  The owners of the nuclear power plant have been attempting to decommission the plant, but industry experts have questioned their competency and advised the Japanese government to take over.  There has been no official budget in Japan dedicating money to this clean up yet, so the world is waiting for the clean up process to begin still.  Meanwhile the people working the problem will continue to dump the radioactive water into the ocean indefinitely.

There have been unconfirmed rumors circulating in the internet about EPA nuclear detectors on the west coast of America being shut down shortly after the melt down occurred, and even claims stating President Obama ordered the detectors to be shut down.  I failed to find documentation of this happening, although I do recall a local news broadcast in California, where I live, claiming that nuclear particles have been detected in sensors by the AQMD/EPA, but later that same day retracting the report and attempting to sooth their viewers with scientists claiming there was nothing to worry about.  When I went online and looked at the AQMD website there was a statement claiming that there was nothing to worry about regarding the Fukushima melt down.  I assume a panic began and the officials decided to change the story to calm everyone down a bit.

UC Berekely, a California university, has published reports on their website since the melt down occurred indicating the small amounts that have been detecting in the air and in substances.  There have also been reports concerning kelp on the North American west coast having high levels of radioactive particles in their cell structures.  The amount of radiation released by Fukushima has been over one hundred times what Chernobyl released, although the news organizations that report the news to the public have changed dramatically since then.

There have even been reports as far away as Europe of radioactive particles being detected from the melt down in Japan.  Some retail items manufactured in Japan have set off radiation alarms when shipped over seas.  This disaster coupled with the BP/Halliburton oil spill in the gulf should be enough to convince any meat eater to avoid fish, and any other animal based products exposed to these contaminates.  Many large ranchers have began using radiation detectors to measure the exposure their herds are being subjected to.

The coincidences
  • Over the past two years many well connected informed people with homes on the west coast of North America decided to sell their homes and move elsewhere.  
  • Still births on the North American west coast has risen 800% since Fukushima melted down.
  • Starfish are dying in the millions!
  • According to a recent medical study conducted by professional researchers and doctors, thyroid illness among infants has increased dramatically since Fukushima's melt down.
  • The EPA is rewriting the environmental law to permit iodine-131 to reach 3,000 times higher levels in the air than it used to be allowed before reporting it to the public.
  • The FDA refuses to test any fish for radioactivity and is also rewriting the laws concerning radioactivity in food.
  • Canada has completely shut down it's nuclear monitoring program as of March 2011.  The website for the program was also shut down.  Here's the broken link:
Starfish Dying in the MILLIONS
Government acknowledges and supports dumping waste into Pacific:

Monday, March 11, 2013

Gun Ownership Has Decreased?

Source: General Social Survey

According to a recent posted update by the General Social Survey gun ownership in the US is actually down to an all time low.  This might sound odd given the current reports on the American news media that everyone is going out to buy a gun due to the Federal Government plans to decrease the availability of certain gun types.  It seems these reports only apply to people that have more than one gun already, and simply want to buy more for their collection.

The 'General Social Survey' has been conducted almost annually since 1972. It is the only full-probability, personal-interview survey designed to monitor changes in both social characteristics and attitudes currently being conducted in the United States. 
More Info
New York Times Article

Monday, February 25, 2013

They Are Out There

Two possibilities exist: Either we are alone in the universe or we are not.  Both are equally terrifying.
-Arthur C. Clarke

It is arrogant, and ignorant, to assume that human kind is the only intelligent life in this vast cosmos. With the fact that human beings have only existed for three million years, and the universe has existed for 13.7 billion years, it is hard to believe that other civilizations on other planets have not been able to evolve before humans did, and develop technology to explore the universe out of curiosity. We have only existed for 0.02% of total cosmic time, and only 0.06% of Earth's lifetime! Astrophysicists have found evidence that our sun, and the solar system that surrounds it, was formed by the remnants of an explosion of a nearby supernova -link. If this is how most solar systems are formed it is probable that planets formed, and evolved life, long before Earth was even created.

Sara Seager has contributed greatly to the blossoming field of extrasolar planetary science and astrophysics. Currently she is a professor at MIT, and has obtained a PhD from Harvard University. Her research and resulting papers have established a firm foundation for theories regarding life on other planets. There have been discoveries of extra solar planets such as Kepler-22b that have confirmed there are planets in other solar systems that are similar to our planet Earth in some ways, and could have lifeforms on it possibly. Dr. Seager has also proposed the idea that it is highly possible that if advanced aliens do exist, and they are looking for life on other planets, the detection of oxygen on Earth would be a clear indication to them that life has evolved in some way on this planet. Earth has 20% oxygen by volume. Without organisms such as plants, the oxygen content would be 10 billion time less. This scientific fact along with the radio and television signals that escape our atmosphere, most likely would be a beacon to an advanced alien civilization within range to observe them.

A thought provoking book titled UFOs: Generals, Pilots and Government Officials Go On the Record, has official records from international sources, military officer testimonials, and impressive documentation on UFO sightings, and details about interactions, that occured:

On Wednesday, May 9th, 2001, the National Press Club hosted a large gathering of ex-high ranking officials including air traffic controllers, ex secret op. officers, commercial pilots, numerous military defense specialists with top secret clearance, people who had access to very sensitive documents, lieutenants, ex-commanders in the U.S. Airforce, astronauts,etc... all going before the national press club to discuss what their experiences have been regarding u.f.o's and all are willing to go before congress to testify under oath.. never before has such a group come forward.