Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Ship Sails Away

I've been a fan of Crosby, Stills, and Nash, since I was a child slipping their vinyl albums out of the cardboard sleeves, and placing them on my parent's record player. Wooden Ships, one of the more popular songs they produced, contains lyrics that really moved me in my adult years.

The lyrics from the song read:

I can see by your coat, my friend,
you're from the other side,
There's just one thing I got to know,
Can you tell me please, who won?


Wooden ships on the water, very free and easy,
Easy, you know the way it's supposed to be,
Silver people on the shoreline, let us be,
Talkin' 'bout very free and easy...

Horror grips us as we watch you die,
Stare as all human feelings die,
We are leaving - you don't need us.

And it's a fair wind, blowin' warm,
Out of the south over my shoulder,
Guess I'll set a course and go...

This song embodies in poetry, what I feel at this point in my life. I am ready to intellectually sail away from this short-sighted myopic culture. I have been an American citizen for over thirty years, and now I am disgusted.

The more I learn of the economic and militaristic horrors that my government has inspired in the Americas, The Middle East, and Africa, the more I feel disconnected from this tainted national ethos. I feel a responsibility to play my part, and remain a citizen, changing what I can, when I can, but in the end, I know the momentum of many of these dark forces within this new Roman empire will eventually take us off the metaphorical cliff.

The phrase, "The Battle for Hearts and Minds" has been used to justify invasions and occupations of countries in the Middle East, but I believe it accurately details what has occurred in the United States. Witnessing people I care for become corrupted by misinformation is frustrating, but when their heart follows where their mind has been coerced to go, they are completely lost. Conversations with my friends and family about civilian casualties, or the revolving door of Congress and corporations, is meaningless when the heart and mind are already corrupted. This is why I have started this blog.

Fool Me Twice will be a record of my experiences at the junction point between fact, fiction, and the blending of both as propaganda. I admit that I primarily listen and read news reports from what is labelled by others as "Left Wing" sources, however I also pay attention to the Rush Limbaugh's out there. I live in Orange County, California. This is one of the most right wing areas of the country, but it is also a never ending source of inspiration for me, inspiring me to react against the insanity which is apathy, greed, and hate.