Wednesday, August 14, 2013


To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.

I was going to wait until the Fukushima disaster was over to pour over the information, disinformation, and whistle blowing that always needs to be reconciled, but it seems this disaster is going to be with us for many years to come.  According to many recent news reports this month, the Japanese government will get directly involved in decreasing the amount of fall out from the melt down of the Fukushima reactors that have gone critical, and stayed critical, since March 11th, 2011.  

Back in 2011, TEPCO announced that it had ran out of land based containers to store radioactive water that was a byproduct of the Fukushima meltdown, and would now have to dump the water directly into the ocean surrounding Japan.  The Japanese government has just revealed that around 300 tons of contaminated water has leaked from the reactors per day since the melt down occurred.  Lets do some simple math here.  It's been 887 days since the reactors melted down, and if we multiply 887 by 300 tons per day, that equals 266,100 tons of radioactive water total.  A gallon of water equals 8.33 pounds.  A ton equals 2000 pounds.  266,100 tons of radioactive water x 2000 pounds per ton, divided by 8.33 equals 63,889,556 gallons of radioactive water dumped directly into the ocean.  This is staggering to comprehend.  -UPDATE 1/15: The Japanese government has officially agreed with TEPCO now about their decision to dump waste water into the Pacific Ocean.

The Japanese government has publicly stated that it will require at least forty years to clean up the reactor site, and the costs will exceed 11 billion dollars.  The owners of the nuclear power plant have been attempting to decommission the plant, but industry experts have questioned their competency and advised the Japanese government to take over.  There has been no official budget in Japan dedicating money to this clean up yet, so the world is waiting for the clean up process to begin still.  Meanwhile the people working the problem will continue to dump the radioactive water into the ocean indefinitely.

There have been unconfirmed rumors circulating in the internet about EPA nuclear detectors on the west coast of America being shut down shortly after the melt down occurred, and even claims stating President Obama ordered the detectors to be shut down.  I failed to find documentation of this happening, although I do recall a local news broadcast in California, where I live, claiming that nuclear particles have been detected in sensors by the AQMD/EPA, but later that same day retracting the report and attempting to sooth their viewers with scientists claiming there was nothing to worry about.  When I went online and looked at the AQMD website there was a statement claiming that there was nothing to worry about regarding the Fukushima melt down.  I assume a panic began and the officials decided to change the story to calm everyone down a bit.

UC Berekely, a California university, has published reports on their website since the melt down occurred indicating the small amounts that have been detecting in the air and in substances.  There have also been reports concerning kelp on the North American west coast having high levels of radioactive particles in their cell structures.  The amount of radiation released by Fukushima has been over one hundred times what Chernobyl released, although the news organizations that report the news to the public have changed dramatically since then.

There have even been reports as far away as Europe of radioactive particles being detected from the melt down in Japan.  Some retail items manufactured in Japan have set off radiation alarms when shipped over seas.  This disaster coupled with the BP/Halliburton oil spill in the gulf should be enough to convince any meat eater to avoid fish, and any other animal based products exposed to these contaminates.  Many large ranchers have began using radiation detectors to measure the exposure their herds are being subjected to.

The coincidences
  • Over the past two years many well connected informed people with homes on the west coast of North America decided to sell their homes and move elsewhere.  
  • Still births on the North American west coast has risen 800% since Fukushima melted down.
  • Starfish are dying in the millions!
  • According to a recent medical study conducted by professional researchers and doctors, thyroid illness among infants has increased dramatically since Fukushima's melt down.
  • The EPA is rewriting the environmental law to permit iodine-131 to reach 3,000 times higher levels in the air than it used to be allowed before reporting it to the public.
  • The FDA refuses to test any fish for radioactivity and is also rewriting the laws concerning radioactivity in food.
  • Canada has completely shut down it's nuclear monitoring program as of March 2011.  The website for the program was also shut down.  Here's the broken link:
Starfish Dying in the MILLIONS
Government acknowledges and supports dumping waste into Pacific: