Thursday, December 8, 2016

Election 2016

This is a copy-paste from my Facebook page:

You know, the only thing worse than this election is some people's take-away from it. Reading posts today gave me real insight into aspects of our dismal American co-cultures, and the depth of ignorance and lack of compassion that exists in so many people today. It seems many simple minded people on facebook are looking at this as some sporting event they watched from their couches while they drank beer and stuffed their face with chips. A sport where your team either won or lost, and now that the final goal is made, and the game is over, why don't we all get over it? It's just a game right? They say, "Don't be a sore looser." Politics isn't a sporting event people.

To be honest, I didn't want either one of these clowns to be elected, and either way I knew the outcome would have been negative for our country in different ways. However, now that the Repubs have dominated all forms of government the next two years will hopefully not confirm my fears that: The Supreme Court will be politically polarized diminishing debate of the most important issues, Muslims persecuted and immigrant families rounded up, Social Security sold off to Wall Street lobbyists in prid pro quo deals, our bloated military expanded, ACA dismantled causing people with preexisting conditions to be denied healthcare and poor people to head back to the ER for basic treatment, and the transfer of wealth to the upper 1% increased due to more tax breaks and loopholes.

I suppose the metaphorical game is still on, but yeah, if they do those things over the next two years I am going to be a sore looser because I will have "lost" my retirement to Wall Street misers, lost my ability to go to the ER and get help when I need it, lost more of my taxes to the military industrial complex and endless war that kills mainly innocent civilians and their children, lost more of my middle class friends to poverty, and lost a functioning judicial branch in my country. Oh, and can you let me know who "wins" in this scenario again? It's not any of you is it?